Africa, Arabia, & The India Ocean

Africa is the cradle of mankind's evolution. It is at once an awe inspiring continent, but yet very humbling. It is a continent of vast contrasts, with its northern half mostly desert, and whose southern half is flush with rich vegetation and thousands of square miles of protected animal kingdoms.


An Alaskan Cruise maybe the ultimate experience as you travel through some of the most pristine, ecologically unspoiled areas left on the planet. Your Alaskan Cruise adventure along the inner passage allows you to stay in almost constant sight of the rugged landscape and natural ocean wildlife of this great land from either side of the ship.


If you ever wanted to be an astronaut and visit distant, ice covered planets, but you just missed the final cut, you can still redeem yourself and partially fulfill those dreams by taking an expedition cruise to the "White Continent," ANTARTICA. And the best part about it is; you won’t have to do it in one of those cramped, little old space capsules. Unlike the early Antarctic explorers, these days, you can combine luxury with adventure.


The great secret about the Arctic is that there is an "Elsewhere." Vast in scope and spectacular in view, the Arctic sits above 60 degrees north and stretches across the entire top of the world, from Russia's Far East to Spitsbergen, on Svalbard Island to Arctic Norway to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Canada’s Ellesmere and Baffin Islands and to Greenland and Iceland. Above the Arctic Circle is an area where summer dusk turns almost immediately into summer mornings, and winter nights last forever. Covered in ice pack for most of the year, it is during those short summer months that the Arctic opens its vast secrets and offers an opportunity to witness the diverse scenery, unusual wildlife and interesting peoples of the Arctic. Whether you are just a history buff, an avid adventure who likes to explore natural wonders, or a student of amazing cultures, there is voyage for everyone in the land of the "Midnight Sun."


A Southeast Asia Cruise will lay out a vibrant kaleidoscope of sights and sounds of a region that is one of the most physically and culturally diverse parts of the world. Passengers will long remember the area for the warmth of its tropical climate, hospitable people, and flavorful cuisine.

Australia and New Zealand

Your cruising adventure of Australia and New Zealand, known affectionately by its residents as the "World Down Under," will be a vibrant and exhilarating experience of exciting cities, magnificent beaches, living ecosystems, glacier formed fjords, and rugged coasts carved out over millions of years by the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.


You can always sum up a trip to the Bahamas in just the same three words; Sun, Surf, and Sand. If you want to make a temporary departure from everyday life, it is the perfect combination for an ultimate state of leisure and relaxation.

Bermuda Cruises

Bermuda is known as the "Jewel of the Atlantic." But it is probably best known for two other famous historic phenomenon; First, Bermuda shorts. They were originally borrowed in the early 20th century from the British military’s uniform for hot climes. But while on the island, do not mistake the shorts as informal. The islanders take their shorts so seriously; they passed a law which dictates no shorts shorter than six inches above the knee.

Bordeaux River

As they sail relaxingly down the Garonne River, a 357-mile-long waterway that begins in the Pyrenees Mountains, wine aficionados can explore Château Guiraud, a producer of 1st Grand Cru Classe dessert wines with a history that dates to the mid-18th century. The château’s wines begin when the grapes are picked by hand, and they culminate after two years of maturation in French oak barrels. Guests can also take a cycling tour to Château de Myrat, a winery started by the Pontac family, which first began making wine in 1533.


If you had to describe the essence of a Caribbean cruise in one word, it would have to be serene; clear bright, unclouded, not disturbed or troubled, calm, peaceful, tranquil, quiet. If you would like to adjust your mind set the same way, then a Caribbean cruise is the perfect answer.

Danube River

Travel towards the sun along Europe’s longest river from west to east – though you’ll barely have a spare moment to look up at the sky because your gaze will be drawn to the picturesque beauty of the Wachau valley and the Hungarian puszta to both sides of the boat. Discover the astonishing wine-growing and cultural regions of Lower Austria and the historic treasures in the cities of Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest. Marvel at the full beauty of Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, from the high mountains to the low plains, and enjoy a glass of wine and selected culinary treats as you do so. The enchanting Christmas markets are just too good to miss. Savour the traditional atmosphere at the 700-year-old Christmas market in Vienna or by enjoying a cup of mulled wine in the town square in Linz.

Douro River

The Douro River flows in a westerly direction for 557 miles through Spain and Portugal, making it the third longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. Scenic Douro river cruise guests will quickly discover that although it is less famous than other European rivers —at least from a tourism standpoint—the Douro has a rich history all its own, especially when it comes to wine. The Douro region of Portugal is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the world; its inhabitants have produced wine for about 2,000 years. As such, the Vinhateiro wine-growing region is a protected World Heritage Site. Additionally, the more than 100,000 acres of vineyards throughout the Douro River valley transform the region each year, as the predominant colors of the hillsides that rise up from the riverbanks change as the fruit ripens on the vines. Also, almond trees that grow in the area paint the river valley in shades of pink and white as they bloom during the months of February and March.

Exotic Expeditions

There are still lands out there untouched by time or tourists, tribal villages where few Westerners have ever set foot, uncharted atolls and vast yet fragile rainforests where nature still reigns supreme. From the Stone Age cultures and coral treasures of Indonesia to the pelagic wonderlands in the Sea of Okhotsk, each region offers untold opportunity for genuine, authentic discovery, enriching sights and insights that are unforgettable, indelible … and perhaps even transformative. A travel experience beyond compare.


If there were a dozen or so dinosaurs left on earth, you would probably find them all somewhere in the Galapagos Islands archipelago. Visiting these islands is not just a history course on the environment; it is Mother Nature’s graduate school in the process of evolution. The Galapagos Islands archipelago forms the most environmentally diverse and complex world on the planet, in which conditions have remained the same for thousands of years.

Hawaii & South Pacific

A Hawaiian Polynesian cruise may be just the thing you need to relax and revitalize your inner self. If you are in the mood to just leave your cares behind for a while, take advantage of a Hawaiian Polynesian cruise that will carry you to some of the most scenic and unspoiled tropical paradises on earth.

Irrawaddy River

Much like the Mekong, which begins in the mountains of Tibet and flows south through China, the Golden Triangle, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Irrawaddy River can be traced to the glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains. It is from those glaciers that the Nmai and Mali Rivers flow south, and it is the confluence of those two rivers that form the Irrawaddy—the principal and most important commercial waterway of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Unlike a Mekong River Cruise, however, the Irrawaddy, whose name is thought to mean “Elephant River,” only flows through one nation. But despite only flowing through one country, the river offers an experience unlike any other, making Irrawaddy river cruises some of the most sought after travel experiences in all of Asia.


The opportunities that await you on a Mediterranean Cruise are so vast and magnificent in scope that to be fair, they have to be broken down into their own fascinating segments. Whether you embark or debark from one of the major terminals of Lisbon, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, Venice, Athens or Istanbul, your Mediterranean Cruise journey will leave you spellbound with hundreds of memories of this grand adventure.

Mekong River

From its origins in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, the Mekong River flows south through precipitous gorges in China before it reaches the Golden Triangle—a geographical point where the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet. From there, it continues its southward course through Cambodia and Vietnam (the region explored by many Scenic Mekong river cruises) before it finally empties into the South China Sea. Measuring slightly more than 2,700 miles long, the Mekong is the world’s 12th longest river, and it is known by several different names. The Chinese refer to it as the Lancang Jiang, or Turbulent River. The Lao and the Thai call the river Mae Nam Kong, which means Mother Water. And the Vietnamese refer to it as Cuu Long, meaning Nine Dragons. The Mekong in English is derived from the river’s name in Lao and Thai cultures.

Mexican Riviera

A Mexican Riviera cruise is a week- long fiesta as you cruise the Baja’s scenic Bahia Magdalena where thousands of gray whales migrate from their northern artic breeding grounds to give birth in the warm protected waters of the Baja. You will be able to watch these 60 ton behemoths as they race from the ocean depths, breaking on the surface and pirouetting dozens of feet into the air before crashing back down to the surface with a thundering slap against the water.

New England & Canada

A New England/Canadian fall cruise is the perfect opportunity to sit back and appreciate the work of Mother Nature as she dips her paint brushes into the subtle hues of oranges, reds and yellows to paint the New England/Canadian country side.

Northern Europe

The Baltic Sea washes the shores of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia, making it one of the most dynamic regions in the world. As your Baltic Cruise adventure takes you from the heritage of Viking warriors to the splendor of the imperial Russian Czars, you will have an opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of some of the most alluring and vibrant capital cities in the world.

Pacific Coast

A Pacific Coast cruise will take you along a coast line where one of the most natural and lushest of green environments in North America is constantly on display. It presents a treasure trove of some of the most eco-sensitive projects on the continent.

Panama Canal

During a Panama Canal cruise transit, you will be completely enthralled as you pass through one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels.

Rhine River

The name of the Rhine comes from the German rinnen, “to flow”, suggesting a journey with beautifully flowing transitions – exquisite culture, cuisine and nature alternate harmoniously. The routes extend northwards to Nimjegen in the Netherlands or southwards to Strasbourg in France through romantic landscapes and exciting cities such as Amsterdam and Basel for people who like to explore new places. Enjoy fine German and French wines on board as you pass through the local winegrowing regions.

Rhone River

Treat yourself to French savoir vivre – on trips through Provence and Camargue to the Mediterranean coast. In Europe’s most beautiful countryside, you will not be able to get enough of the picturesque scenery: world-famous wine-growing regions such as the Côte d’Or, unique landscapes such as Burgundy, or the coastal vistas of the Côte d’Azure. But you won’t just love the views: our culinary treats on board complement the visual feast and ensure optimum relaxation.

River Cruise

Service. Space. Quality. Choices. From The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™ comes an unrivalled new way to explore the legendary capitals and enchanting landscapes of Europe’s majestic waterways…introducing Crystal River Cruises. Completely reimagining the European river experience with the most spacious, state-of-the-art fleet of five all-suite river yachts boasting exceptional design and unparalleled all-inclusive amenities, including butler service for every suite.


To experience Russia only by land is to miss a major part of its character and history. Discover the soul of Russia along the shores of the Volga River. Follow the path of Peter the Great and sail from Moscow to St. Petersburg on a river cruise. Experience the rich cultures, traditions, and royal histories of these two legendary cities. And as you travel along the river, discover another side of Russia: its remote forested islands, vast lakes, tiny summer houses, quaint lifestyles, and pastoral landscapes. On your journey, meet the people who embody the true soul of this proud country.

Saone River

The Saône rises at an altitude of nearly 1,300 feet near Vioménil, southwest of Épinal in the Vosges Mountains of eastern France; it flows for 300 miles before it meets the Rhône at Lyon. The 233-mile navigable portion of the Saône is a very busy route and is almost entirely “canalized” with 30 locks; it is linked through canals with the Loire, Seine, Rhine and Marne Rivers.

Seine River

There may be no river more popular, more romanticized throughout all of Europe than the Seine. Since long before Seine river cruises became the luxury vacation of choice in Europe , writers have sat along the river’s banks in the heart of Paris, letting the languid waters coax from them great prose. In some cases, they also brought the river into their works. In his controversial, though acclaimed novel Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller wrote: “So quietly flows the Seine that one hardly notices its presence. It is always there, quiet and unobtrusive, like a great artery running through the human body. . . . I feel this river flowing through me.”

South America

A South American cruise offers so many wonderful alternative options, that it may be the best moment to combine cruise legs. You will have the opportunity to select a South American cruise along the eastern coast to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aries and around Cape Horn north to Lima. As an alternative, you may want to take the South American cruise western route in the opposite direction heading south through the Panama Canal and hugging the Pacific coast line of Equator and Peru, as your South American cruise adventure continues on to Lima, then around Cape Horn north to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

Tahiti, French Polynesia and the South Pacific

There are 118 islands and atolls and countless motus in French Polynesia, each with its own distinctive beauty, atmosphere, and myth. These are the home waters of the award-winning m/s Paul Gauguin. Built specifically to navigate these islands, the Paul Gauguin features a small size that allows her to maneuver turquoise lagoons that are inaccessible to larger craft.


Have you ever had that feeling that life was passing you by at the speed of sound and you just could not seem to slow it down? The demands of everyday living; be here today, be there tomorrow, get it done right away. I will save time for relaxation later. Well, that later is now.

Volga River

It is from modest beginnings in the Valdai Hills, an upland region of north central Russia about 200 miles south of St. Petersburg, that the Volga River takes shape, though it is no larger than a stream as it meanders throw those hills. Only after several tributaries join it, does the Volga River begin to resemble the sprawling and expansive waterway that flows through the densely populated western section of Russia. The 2,294-mile-long Volga is the largest river in Europe; in fact, at some of its widest points a person standing on one of the river’s bank cannot see the shoreline on the opposite side. Predictably, the Volga has been recognized as the national river of Russia; and because it is so instrumental in the daily lives of so many Russian people, the river is often referred to as “Mother Volga.” It’s no wonder then that Volga River cruises, which allow guests the opportunity to explore a large swath of the river, are a highly sought after travel experience.

World Cruises

Choose the full world cruise or one or more of five destination-rich voyages with individual journeys ranging from 16 to 22 days.